Alexander Dunchеv: Toma Belev Knows Nothing about Forests

„I am the greatest expert on forests in Bulgaria, even Toma Belev knows nothing.“

These are the words of Alexander Dunchеv, quoted by former chairman of the Agriculture and Forestry Commission in the National Assembly and MP from „We Continue the Change,“ Rosen Kosturkov.

A scandal erupted on social media between him and Alexander Dunchеv, related to changes in the forestry law.

Dunchеv, in a Facebook post, declares that he is the only defender of Bulgarian forests. The ugly quarrel between the two former party members continues with mutual accusations of who contributed what to green causes and who sabotaged changes in various environmental laws.

In the dispute, Kosturkov accuses Dunchеv of wanting to play the martyr, and then quotes his statement about Toma Belev.

„For you, it is important to be THE HERO, and for several days now, I have been observing how you want to become a martyr.“

„I am the greatest expert on forests in all of Bulgaria, even Toma Belev knows nothing,“ quoting you again.“

The arguments on social media between the two continue with further mutual accusations under several posts.

It is noteworthy, however, that Alexander Dunchеv nowhere refutes the above. Probably because it is true and indicative of Dunchеv’s real opinion of Toma Belev’s expertise.

The ego of eco-activists, as well as their desire to assert themselves, based on who is the greater defender of nature and who has failed more projects and introduced more restrictive laws, is starting to take on maniacal proportions.

Borislav Sandov, Toma Belev, Alexander Dunchеv, and Andrey Kovachev are among those who have made it a habit to assert themselves and constantly claim to the media that without them, nature in Bulgaria would not survive. But anyone closer to the Greens’ inner circle knows that all this is a fierce struggle for positions.

This is also evidenced by the tension within their party, which is part of Democratic Bulgaria. Sandov was not re-elected as co-chair due to his tenure as minister, Belev’s deputy was sent to run as a candidate for deputy in a third-rate, absolutely non-electable place for the same reason, Dunchеv switched from the Green Movement to We Continue the Change to secure a deputy seat, and their leader, Panev, according to rumors, is seriously at odds with the aforementioned and does not want to hear about them.

What is Alexander Dunchеv’s political career?

Alexander Dunchеv entered ecology in 2007 as an expert in Vitosha Nature Park under the management of Toma Belev. He quickly became one of Belev’s most loyal protégés and was appointed deputy director of the park.

In 2008, environmentalists from the NGO coalition „To Keep Nature in Bulgaria“ entered politics and registered the political party „The Greens.“ For years, they participated independently in all elections. Their best result was 0.6% – 26,000 votes. Subsequently, their result collapsed to 0.3% and 16,000 votes.

Disappointed and with the clear realization that their party has no chance of even reaching the 1% threshold, which secures them a subsidy, the mentors of the Greens put them in the Democratic Bulgaria coalition.

Since 2008, Alexander Dunchеv, along with Toma Belev, Borislav Sandov, and Andrey Kovachev, have been consistent candidates for deputies, but have never entered parliament. In the regular elections in 2021, as a representative of the Greens, Dunchеv was on the lists of Democratic Bulgaria.

But he still didn’t get in.

Then the ambitious ecologist switched to We Continue the Change and became a deputy three times, each time from the Sofia region.

Now, because he was moved and will probably lose his deputy seat, he complains in all media, criticizes his new party, and extols his former party members from the Greens, probably hoping that they will take him back into their ranks.

For these green activists, nature conservation is a serious and big business. Money for ecology is terribly abundant – hundreds of millions annually. That’s why their insatiable thirst for power is so strong.

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